Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Aurora BORE(alis)

Last night was predicted to be prime viewing for auroras in our area, so I loaded the littles into the SUV and headed out to a remote field alongside a country road just before dark.  In spite of lots of anticipation and excitement, we didn't see any auroras in our area.  Bummer!  I did get a few neat photos of the night sky- not the sharpest images ever since I shot them through the sunroof (I was too chicken to get out of the truck in the inky darkness- sorry Jason Voorhees, I've seen way too many horror movies that start off that way) but still kind of neat.  You can see Orion in the upper left corner (shameful confession: I def thought that was the big dipper until a friend told me otherwise... guess it's time to brush up on my astronomy, eh?) and a crescent moon visible through the trees.

While we didn't see any dazzling northern lights, the kids and I still had fun stargazing!

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