Monday, October 3, 2016

Gifts of Kindness

It's October... you know what that means right?  The holidays are right around the corner!  Before we all get swept up by the consumer monster, I wanted to share some gift ideas that come straight from the heart.  Here are some sweet ways to pay it forward this holiday season!

  • Go play board games with residents at a local nursing home!  Why not brighten things up for someone who could use an extra dose of cheer?  Just be sure to ask permission from management before you go- because getting arrested while attempting a good deed would be lame.

  • Can you knit or crochet?  Make and donate a few warm scarves, mittens, socks, blankets, whatever you're up to making to your local homeless shelter.  Sure, a cozy, handmade accessory isn't going to change someone's life- but it just might warm them up and brighten their day a little.  Not sure where to go?  Contact your local police department via their non-emergency line and ask.

  • Volunteer to wrap gifts for an elderly neighbor, or to take them holiday shopping.  Sometimes all the hustle and bustle of the season can be overwhelming, and a second pair of hands can be a real blessing for someone who could use the extra help.

  • Animal shelters can always use donations, and many of their most critical staples are items you can pick up for pretty cheap.  Here is a great list from Apartment Therapy (love that site!) of items that animal shelters commonly use.  Be sure to give your local shelter a call before dropping off items, but most are more than grateful for donations.

    I hope you find the above list inspiring.  Now go do something nice for someone!

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