Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Super Duper Awesome Possum Green Cleaning Campaign: Part 1

More and more lately I've been steering our family toward a greener lifestyle.  The changes we've made haven't been anything fancy, but we've taken some little steps toward limiting our impact on the environment, as well as protecting our health.

Want a few reasons to switch to more Earth-friendly cleaners?  Here you go!

  1. I'll give you the easy one first- it's cheaper!  The cost of items such as white vinegar, baking soda, and inexpensive bars of soap is lower than that of synthetic chemical products.  I mean come on, who doesn't love to save money?
  2. Many commercial cleaning products contain ingredients that are toxic to both human and animal health.  Want details on a specific product?  Take a moment to poke around over at the Household Products Database that is maintained by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.  You can check out the eyebrow raising warnings and health hazards associated with some of the seemingly ordinary commercial products we all know and (unsuspectingly) love.  In other words, if it's that dangerous, do you really want to use this stuff in and around your home?
  3. Using synthetic household cleaning products has a negative impact on the environment.  Factors such as toxic ingredients, manufacturing processes and the associated pollutants, and the impact of certain chemicals on our air and water quality are all excellent reasons to ditch the harsh stuff in favor of the more Earth-friendly cleaners.
  4. You're far less likely to poison yourself if you accidentally mix natural cleansers than if you mixed, say, ammonia and bleach (in case you aren't aware, mixing those two produces heavily toxic fumes- don't ever do it!)  I mean think about it... what's the worst that might happen if you unintentionally mix baking soda and vinegar?  A freakin' awesome faux volcano, that's what!

I have put together what I feel is a really useful list of environmentally friendly cleaning agents, and I will get that posted up shortly.  (For the sake of not boring everyone to death I figured I'd separate these two posts.)  Keep an eye out for my next post if this sort of thing piques your interest!


    1. I wish I had picked up borax and washing soda when I was in the US so I could make home made laundry detergent! So economical.

    2. they don't sell it in canada?!

      hi btw! <3

      1. Hi!! :)

        I can't find washing soda or the sunlight bar anywhere in Edmonton. When I was in the US last week I saw it in Target and I meant to go back and grab it.

      2. that is so weird! hmm I'll have to hunt for alternatives. I'm sure other people in canada have run into this problem too, you can't be the only one.